What is water kefir? 

Water kefir is a soft drink made by fermenting sweetened water with a bacteria and yeast culture called tibicos... or water kefir culture or Japanese water crystals or california bees. All names for the same thing. Tibicos transforms sugar into organic acid - mostly lactic acids which give water kefir its unique taste. 


So is it milk? 

No. Milk kefir is often sold as 'kefir' and confused with water kefir. Water kefir does not contain milk or any dairy products and is brewed using a different SCOBY then milk kefir. 


What is a SCOBY and what does is do?

Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.


So.. it's like kombucha? 

Yes! and no. Kind of like kombucha in the way it's brewed - with a SCOBY. But the taste is very different. Water kefir is brewed on water with dried fruits and lemon and not tea, like kombucha.  The taste is different because the brewing of water kefir creates mostly lactic acids where kombucha mostly creates acetic acids. 


Why should I drink Rus? 

Rus is premium flavour with an ease. Interesting and different, but stil gentle if you are new to fermented drinks. If you like any of the following things, Rus is for you: 

  • Refreshing softdrinks without artificial flavours
  • Not-too-sweet drinks 
  • A non-alcoholic alternativ with flavours from refined brewing method


Any other reasons? 

Some say, that Rus water kefir makes you stronger, healthier and happier due to the good lactic acids and vinegars in the drinks. Some drink Rus to hydrate after sports because it's super refreshing and just the right amoud of not-too-sweet and sour - That works for hangovers too, where Rus is said to be a lifesaver.

Why not get the best from fermentation, interesting flavours with lower sugar then most lemonades and clean natural products, when choosing a softdrink?